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Grand Opening Season18 (Non-Res Fun)

Arka War

Arka War

This event requires the Guilds to register in advance of the actual starting time of the event. Guild Masters can register their Guild]by speaking with NPC Sir Lesnar.

Guild Master:
Register Sign of lord via NPC - during the week
Register Guild via NPC - when it is announced on the screen (Saturday 19:00)

Guild Members:
Register as participating Guild Member via NPC - after Guild Master registered guild (Saturday 19:05)

At least (two guild must register in order for the event to start. Guilds must have at least 10 guild members register, in order to participate in the event. A max of 6 guilds will be allowed to participate. The participating guild are determined based on the amount of [Sign of lord] submitted during the sign of lord registration period.

Killing players and monster duting Arca War you can drop Trophies of Battle. All Guild Members of the Guild will earn a Buff, for one week, based on the Elemental Type of the captured Obelisk.

Reward for guild:
- [EXP] [+20%] in [Acheron].
- Monsters in [Alkmar] and [Ubaid] may drop [Ancient Items].

[Fire Obelisk]:
- [Skill DMG] [+25]
- [Fire Type] [Pentagram] [ELE DMG] and [ELE DEF] [+5%].

[Water Obelisk]:
- [DEF] [+50]
- [Water Type] [Pentagram] [ELE DMG] and [ELE DEF] [+5%].

[Wind Obelisk]:
- [Critical DMG] Chance [+5%]
- [Wind Type] [Pentagram] [ELE DMG] and [ELE DEF] [+5%].

[Earth Obelisk]:
- [DMG] [+30]
- [Earth Type] [Pentagram] [ELE DMG] and [ELE DEF] [+5%].

[Darkness Obelisk]:
- [Reduce DMG] [+10%]
- [Darkness Type] [Pentagram] [ELE DMG] and [ELE DEF] [+5%].

Note: Trophies of Battle may be exchanged with NPC Sir Lesnar for rewards!

[Arka War] Trophies of Battle

Elemental Rune (x15)
Guardian Enhanced Stone (x5)
Elite Guardian Enhanced (x1)
Golden Sentence (x10)
Bless of Light (Greater) (x5)
Steel of Heaven (x3)
Ruud Box (3000) 

Posted 16/09/2022