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Arka War

Arka War

This event requires the Guilds to register in advance of the actual starting time of the event. Guild Masters can register their Guild]by speaking with NPC Sir Lesnar.

Guild Master:
Register Sign of lord via NPC - during the week
Register Guild via NPC - when it is announced on the screen (Saturday & Wednesday 20:00)

Guild Members:
Register as participating Guild Member via NPC - after Guild Master registered guild (Saturday & Wednesday 19:05)

At least (two guild must register in order for the event to start. Guilds must have at least 10 guild members register, in order to participate in the event. A max of 6 guilds will be allowed to participate. The participating guild are determined based on the amount of [Sign of lord] submitted during the sign of lord registration period.

Killing players and monster duting Arca War you can drop Trophies of Battle. All Guild Members of the Guild will earn a Buff, for one week, based on the Elemental Type of the captured Obelisk.

Reward for guild:
- [EXP] [+20%] in [Acheron].
- Monsters in [Alkmar] and [Ubaid] may drop [Ancient Items].

[Fire Obelisk]:
- [Skill DMG] [+25]
- [Fire Type] [Pentagram] [ELE DMG] and [ELE DEF] [+5%].

[Water Obelisk]:
- [DEF] [+50]
- [Water Type] [Pentagram] [ELE DMG] and [ELE DEF] [+5%].

[Wind Obelisk]:
- [Critical DMG] Chance [+5%]
- [Wind Type] [Pentagram] [ELE DMG] and [ELE DEF] [+5%].

[Earth Obelisk]:
- [DMG] [+30]
- [Earth Type] [Pentagram] [ELE DMG] and [ELE DEF] [+5%].

[Darkness Obelisk]:
- [Reduce DMG] [+10%]
- [Darkness Type] [Pentagram] [ELE DMG] and [ELE DEF] [+5%].

Note: Trophies of Battle may be exchanged with NPC Sir Lesnar for rewards!

[Arka War] Trophies of Battle

Elemental Rune (x30)
Guardian Enhanced Stone (x20)
Elite Guardian Enhanced (x2)
Golden Sentence (x25)
Bless of Light (Greater) (x5)
Ruud Box (10000) 

Posted 16-09-2022