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Basic Information & Ruud guide

VersionSeason 19 Part 1-3
StyleSemi-Hard Non-Reset
Normal EXP [Lv 1 ~ 400]300-20x
Master EXP [Lv 401 ~ 800]200-10x
Majestic EXP [Lv 801 ~ 1550]200-10x
Bug BlessOFF
Max Accounts / IP6
Max Accounts / IP in event square5
Offleveling Limit24h (VIP Unlimited) / Max 10 accounts
Offtrade CurrencyWCoin
Battle mapsAida, Karutan, Vulcanus, DD1, Abyss 1, Ashen Aida
Monsters per Spot7 (HotSpot - 9)
Monster Spots Regen Time5 seconds
Bosses Respawn Timefrom 6 to 24 hours
Max Alliance Guilds3
Max Guild Members per Guild40
Party Level GapDisabled
Create CharactersAll characters can be created from level 1.
MuHelper Minimum Level to use10
Gremory Case Item Expire time48 Hours
PK Clear cost100 000 000 Zen


Experiance Dynamic system

Here you can find our Dynamic Experiance System


Dynamic Experience
Normal exp
0 - 50x300
51 - 100x200
101 - 200x150
201 - 250x150
251 - 300x100
301 - 350x50
351 - 400x20
Master exp
400 - 450x200
451 - 500x100
501 - 600x50
601 - 750x20
751 - 800x10
Majestic exp
800 - 850x200
851 - 900x100
901 - 1000x50
1001 - 1200x30
1201 - max levelx20


Ruud system

- You can earn Ruud from Blood Castle, Chaos Castle and Devil Square Level 3 and higher (600 level+). Mastery Boxes from events are non-tradeable.

- You can find entry limit in events here:
Blood Castle / Devil Square / Chaos Castle - 2x per day
Doppleganger / Illustion Temple / Varka (Gaion) / Boss Battle Together - 1x per day

- Ruud can be dropped also from invasions and bosses. Boxes from invasion/bosses are tradeable. More information about invasion drop is here - https://erebosmu.com/guides/read/invasion-drop/4, about bosses here - https://erebosmu.com/guides/read/boss-drop/3

Mastery Box for successful completion:
BC/DS/CC +3 = 1 x Mastery Box
BC/DS/CC +4 = 2 x Mastery Box
BC/DS/CC +5 = 3 x Mastery Box
BC/DS/CC +6 = 3 x Mastery Box
BC/DS/CC +7 = 4 x Mastery Box

- Maximum entries per day is 2.
- Types of Mastery Box:
>Mastery Box Minor - 1000 ~ 2000 Ruud
>Mastery Box Standart - 2000 ~ 3000 Ruud
>Mastery Box Greater - 3000 ~ 4000 Ruud
*other rewards from these events you can find here - https://www.erebosmu.com/guides/read/event-drop/5

- You can also earn Ruud in Maze Event, known as a "Labyrinth":
>Labyrinth Box Lower - 3000 Ruud
>Labyrinth Box Medium - 5000 Ruud
>Labyrinth Box Higher - 7000 Ruud
*information about this event you can find here - https://www.erebosmu.com/guides/read/maze-of-dimension/12

Ruud is a important currency that you can buy items/upgrades with NPC "Priest James". Upgrade items from ruud shop are tradeable. The prices are shown below:

Ruud shop - Priest James
Bloodangel items40k ruudBE anvil [WEAPON]120K ruudChicken50k ruudShinning Tail Seal200k ruud
Bloodangel items for support30k ruudAncestral Spirit (SH) [SET]125k ruudSphere Upgrade Rune2K ruudSeal of UR300k ruud
Bloodangel weapons100k ruudSH anvil [WEAPON]150k ruudSocket Note5k ruud2nd Earring upg25k ruud
Sealed Stone Shard [SET]50k ruudManti soul [SET]150k ruud2nd bound1k ruud3rd Earring upg50k ruud
DA Anvil [WEAPON]100k ruudManti anvil [WEAPON]175k ruud3rd bound75k ruud4th Earring upg75k ruud
HA Spirit [SET]50k ruudBrilliant soul [SET]175k ruudNixie tickets2.5k ruud5th Earring upg100k ruud
HA Anvil [WEAPON]100k ruudBrilliant Anvil [WEAPON]300k ruudGhost Horse Seal100k ruud6th Earring upg150k ruud
Awakening [SET]75K ruudSoul of Apocalypse [SET]200k ruudIce Dragon Seal100k ruudPentagram upg50k ruud
Soul moru [WEAPON]110K ruudApocalypse Anvil [WEAPON]500k ruudPierceLion Seal150k ruudErrtel upg20k ruud
Cold marriage [SET]100k ruudLighting Soul [SET]300k ruudWing Core Design50K ruudWing Core Reinforcement Stone1200 ruud






Voting reward:

If you want to support our server and of course win wcoins you can use voting system. You can vote every 24h for one voting page. One vote click = 15 Wcoins 💰

On the end of every month first 5 players in voting rankings win great amount of wcoins 💥

1.place = 4500 Wcoins
2.place = 4000 Wcoins
3.place = 3500 Wcoins
4.place = 3000 Wcoins
5.place = 2500 Wcoins

You can start voting now - https://www.erebosmu.com/vote-reward


Missing font in game:

If you see squares in the game instead of text, then you are missing the font called Arial Unicode MS.
It's a common error in all new muonline clients so make sure to follow the easy steps listed below.

Fix Guide
 Close game client
2. Download the missing ARIALUNI.TTF font from https://www.erebosmu.com/client/ARIALUNI.TTF
3. Right click on the file you just downloaded and click Install
 Alternatively you may download the missing font and copy it to C:/Windows/Fonts or Control Panel > Fonts
Start game client


Other important information for playing:

CTRL+FToggle SWITCH mode (Less lag)
/starterpackYou will recieve Starter Pack items
/journey[level]You will recieve Reward from Journey
/offlevelToggle offleveling function (Tarkan+ Only)
/offtradeToggle offtrade function
/dcfriend [character name] [password]To disconnect your account
/postSend a global message to curent server
/gpostSend a globál message to all servers
/scramble [word]To play the Scramble Event.
/remaintimeCheck your VIP status remaining time
/pkclearReduce your PK count
/warPropose war to specified guild
/clearinvClears your inventory (except equipment)
/cleareventinvClears your event inventory
/addstrAdd points to Strenght
/addvitAdd points to Vitality
/addagiAdd points to Agility
/addeneAdd points to Energy
/addcmdAdd points to Command


Chaos machine rateadd 5%
Exp rateadd 40%
Drop rateadd 10%


Chaos Machine Rates
Mix Normal Item Lvl +10100%
Mix Normal Item Lvl +1160% (Luck +25%)
Mix Normal Item Lvl +1255% (Luck +25%)
Mix Normal Item Lvl +1355% (Luck +25%)
Mix Normal Item Lvl +1450% (Luck +25%)
Mix Normal Item Lvl +1550% (Luck +25%)
Mix Item (Exe/Anc/Socket) Lvl +10100%
Mix Item (Exe/Anc/Socket) Lvl +1150% (Luck +25%)
Mix Item (Exe/Anc/Socket) Lvl +1245% (Luck +25%)
Mix Item (Exe/Anc/Socket) Lvl +1345% (Luck +25%)
Mix Item (Exe/Anc/Socket) Lvl +1440% (Luck +25%)
Mix Item (Exe/Anc/Socket) Lvl +1540% (Luck +25%)
Wing Rates
Max Wings Lvl 1 Rate100%
Max Wings Lvl 2 Rate90%
Max Wings Lvl 2.5 Rate60%
Max Wings Relic Lvl 3 Rate65%
Max Wings Lvl 3 Rate65%
Max Wings Relic Lvl 4 Rate55%
Max Wings Lvl 4 Rate55%
Max Wings Relic Lvl 5 Rate50%


*Visual Max rates in game can be different, but these rates are real !





Mix Item Lvl +10100%
Mix Item Lvl +1150%
Mix Item Lvl +1245%
Mix Item Lvl +1345%
Mix Item Lvl +1440%
Mix Item Lvl +1540%
Mastery Pentagrams success rate
Mix Item Lvl +1180%
Mix Item Lvl +1285%
Mix Item Lvl +1390%
Mix Item Lvl +1495%
Mix Item Lvl +15100%


Bless Success Rate100%
Soul Success Rate65% (+25% with Luck)
Life Success Rate65%
Fragment Of Horn Max Success Rate90%
Broken Horn Max Success Rate60%
Horn Of Fenrir Max Success Rate50%
Upgrade Horn Of Fenrir Max Succes Rate89%
Rank 3 Errtel Options Rate


Errtels Level-up Rates

Errtel Level-up RatesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10
Rank 1100%100%100%100%100%90%90%80%80%80%
Rank 2100%100%100%90%90%85%80%80%70%70%
Rank 3100%100%90%90%85%80%80%70%70%60%
Mastery Errtels Level-up RatesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10
Succes Rate60%60%60%60%60%60%60%60%60%60%

*Visual Max rates in game can be different, but these rates are real !

Anti-lag Plugin

This plugin provides anti-lag features.

Players can choose what features they will turn on/off.  

Main features of anti-lag plugin:
[SHIFT + 1]: Hide Wings
[SHIFT + 2]: Reduce Skill Effect
[SHIFT + 3]: Reduce Item Effect
[SHIFT + 4]: Hide Ground Zen
[SHIFT + 5]: Hide Ground Item
[SHIFT + 6]: Hide Muun Pet
[SHIFT + 7]: Hide Chars and Shadows
[SHIFT + 8]: Hide Skill Effect
[SHIFT + 9]: Reduce Item Shine to +0
[SHIFT + 0]: Reduce terrain objects

Posted 16-09-2022