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Castle Siege

Castle Siege

Castle Siege is the ultimate battle between MU's strongest guilds.

The event started every Sunday at 19:00 server time. Guild master can register Alliance for CS from Wednesday. From Friday can reigster Sign of Lord. Sign of Lord can register at NPC Guardsman in Valley of Loren. You need Alliance for register to CS. The tips for alone guild is create random guild with their farm chars and create Alliance with main guild.

The attacking [Guild Members] are marked with a sword icon above the character. The defending [Guild Members] are marked with a shield icon above the character.  The defending [Guild Members] will spawn inside the [Castle], while the attacking [Guild Members] will spawn in the battlefield of the [Map], outside the [Castle Gates]. The attacking [Guild Members] may spawn closer in the [Map] if a [Lifestone] is used.


The attacking team will need to work its way through the Castle by destroying Castle Gates which block the path. The attacking team will also need to destroy any Guardian Statues in order to deplete the barrier which blocks entry into the Castle. When all Guardian Statues are destroyed, the attacking team will be able to invade the Castle.

The Guild which holds the Seal of the Lord at the end of the battle will win.


Senior Mix

The lord's mix item combination is one of the benefits of winning the weekly Castle Siege. This item combination is only available for the leader of castle siege's winning alliance which is called “The Castle Lord."

Item Requirements:
30 Compressed Jewel of Guardian
30 Compressed Jewel of Soul
30 Compressed Jewel of Bless
1,000,000,000 ( 1 Billion ) Zen

[Rewards] Senior Mix
Wings of Conqueror
Wings of Angel and Devil
Garuda Feather
Condor Feather
Jewel of Excess
Jewel of Kundun
Jewel of Kondar
Sealed Stone Shard
Holyangel Spirit
Darkangel Anvil
Holyangel Anvil
Soul Moru
Errtel of Radiance level 7~10


Posted 16/09/2022