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Gens Reward

Gens System

When participating in Gens activities, you'll earn Contribution Points. Contribution Points are accumulated to calculate a monthly reward for your hard work. Being in a Gens allows access to Battle maps. Killing a Gens Member from the opposite Gens, in Battle maps, will earn Contribution Points. Characters cannot attack a Gens Member from the same Gens, in Battle maps.                            
Contribution Points:
Contribution Points are used for the Gens Ranking system.
They are mostly earned in Battle maps by killing players of the opposing Gens faction.              
Killing a player in opposing faction: +5 Contribution Points.      
Being killed by a player in opposing faction: -3 Contribution Points.               
Repeatedly killing the same character will not gain any Contribution Points.     
Other ways to earn Contribution Points - Daily quests.
Speak with the Gens Steward to claim Gens rewards. During the first week of each month, Gens rewards an be claimed by characters holding a Leadership Rank.

[Gens System] Rewards

Old, Steel, Elegant, Shinning Jewelry Case
Elemental Rune (x30)
Guardian Enhanced Stone (x10)
Golden Sentence (x20)
Bless of Light (Greater) (x10)
Steel of Heaven (x5)
Ruud Box (5000) 

Posted 16-09-2022