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Global Drop

You can see below Global drop for whole MU continent. There are a lot of interesting items, which you need during the game.


Tarkan // Icarus // Aida 1 // Kanturu Ruins

Scroll of FireBurst, Harsh Strike Scroll, Obsidian Scroll, Scroll of Evil Spirit, Scroll of Critical Damage, Scroll of Electric Spark, Scroll of Soul Barrier, Magic Pin Scroll, Scroll of Cometfall, Scroll of Inferno, Berserker Parchment, Orb of Greater Fortitude(HP buff), Orb of Penetration, Lightning Shock Parchment, Dragon Roar Parchment, Orb of Death Stab, Orb of Rageful Blow, Dark Side Parchment, Dark Plasma Bead, Bat Flock Bead, Plasma Ball Act, Burst Act, Explosion Parchment, Requiem Parchment, Perlution Parchment, Darkness Parchment, Reflection Barrier Book

Kanturu Ruins 2 // Aida 2 // Alkmar // Ubaid

Scroll of Fire Scream, Sleep Parchment, Wrath Scroll, Scroll of Summon, Scroll of Teleport Ally, Orb of Ice Arrow, Weakness Parchment, Scroll of Ice Storm, Innovation Parchment, Breche Scroll, Scroll of Decay, Scroll of Nova, Scroll of Gigantic Storm, Scroll of Wizardry Enhance, Magic Arrow Act, Haste Act, Swordsman's Wrath, Ice Break Bead, Strong Belief Bead, Solid Protection Bead, Detection Bead, Shining Peak Scroll, Scroll of Chaotic Diseier, Ctystal of Destruction, Crystal of Multi-Shot, Crystal of Recovery, Crystal of Flame Strike, Fixed Fire, Spiral Charge Orb, Crusher Charge Orb, Elemental Charge Scroll, Dragon Violent Law Book, Unleash Marvel's Book, Illusion Avatar Bead, Wind Glaive Beads

*Low spells you can find in NPC shops for each characters



Splinter of Armor
Bless of Guardian
Claw of Beast


Tarkan ~ Ubaid

Lock Magic Bell
Silver Box
Dark Raven Spirit
Loch's Feather
Crest of Monarch


Ubaid ~ Old Kethotum

Condor Magical Drops
Golden Box
Dark Horse Spirit


Aida 3 (Bloody monsters)

2.5 wings materials


Land of Trials

Elemental Rune
Talisman of Luck
Elemental Talisman of Luck
Ancient Items


Acheron ~ Ignis Volcano

Mithril Fragment


Deep Dungeon 2 ~ Ignis Volcano

Garuda Flame
Golden Sentence
Elena's Letter
Boss Battle Ticket

Swamp of Darkness ~ Ignis Volcano

Varka Entrance Ticket


Excelent Set Items

Bloodangel items - Debenter, Uruk, Nars     
Darkangel items - Ferea, Nixie, Old Kethotum      
Holyangel items - DeepDungeon1,2,3,4,5     
Awakening items - Swamp of Darkness, Kubera      
Blue Eye items - Abyss1, Abbys3, Abyss3     
Silverheart items - Scorched Canyon, Icarus Red Smoke     
Manticore items - Arenil Temple, Ashen Aida     
Briliant items - Blaze Kethotum, Kanturu Underground
Apocalypse items - Ignis Volcano  



Posted 13/09/2022