New 4th Guardian


1. 4th Guardian "Shining Tail"

- Added a third Guardian "Shining Tail"

(1) Added 2 Guardians "Shining Tail" and "Shining Tail (Rare)"

- The 4th Guardian can be used from Level 1100

- The "Shining Tail (Rare)" are Guardians that can be obtained in different colors and have a low probability of obtaining in combination.

- The 4th Guardian is a Pet that is equipped from the inventory.

- The 4th Guardian can be obtained through the 3rd Guardian upgrade "Pierce Ryan"

Shining Tail

Shining Tail (Rare)

Required Level: 1100

Required Level: 1100

2. Combination 4th Guardian

- The update of the 3rd Guardian is done through the NPC "Trainer" located in Lorencia (122, 110).

- The upgrade of the 3rd Guardian is possible, from Level +11 and the probability varies according to the Level of the 3rd Guardian

- If the combination. fails, the items and jewels disappear and the Guardian used in the combination. drops to level +0.

- When the combination. upgrade is successful, the Generals and Resistance Elite options are randomly reassigned.

(1) When upgrading the 4th Guardian you will always get 3 random options.

- The Master Skill Tree option (Durability Reduction 3) does not affect the Guardian Item


Combination Type






4th Guardian

3rd Guardian +15

Seal of Shining Tail

Jewel of Bless 20
Jewel of Soul 20
1 Jewel of Chaos
1 Jewel of Creation


4th Guardian +0
(Shining Tail or Shining Tail "Rare")

3rd Guardian +14


3rd Guardian +13


3rd Guardian +12


3rd Guardian +11



Seal of Shining Tail

Item Needed for 3rd Guardian Upgrade

3. Split Guardian Items

- Guardian Items can be divided from the option in the character's inventory.

- At the time of dividing the Guardian Items you can get the following items (Guardian Upgrade Stone)

4. Third Guardian Option

(1) Default Options

Basic Options

Movement speed increase

Attack Speed +7

Defense +210

New Basic Defense Option

Defense is increased according to the level of the Guardian Item

(2) General Options

- The Shining Tail can get 3 of these 4 options randomly.



Option 1

Increase 4 Defense Lvl/20 (Up to 1100 Level)

Option 2

Increase 4 Damage/Wizardry Damage/Curse Damage Lvl/20 (Up to 1100 Level)

Option 3

Increase Elemental Defense +177

Increase Elemental Damage +177

(3) Elite Options

- The Guardian can get 1 to 5 Elite options randomly.

- The option resists the Skill of the Elite monsters located in the Elite Zone.

Options / Item


Type 1 (Fire)


Bleeding Damage Resistance

Attack Reduction Resistance

Type 2 (Water)


Poisoning Damage Resistance

Attack Reduction Resistance

Type 3 (Earth)


Bleeding Damage Resistance

Attack Speed Reduction Resistance

Type 4 (Wind)


Poisoning Damage Resistance

Defense Reduction Resistance

Type 5 (Darkness)


Bleeding Damage Resistance

Defense Reduction Resistance


- Shining Tail's elemental options will increase according to the Pet's Level.

Posted 20/09/2022