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New Event: All Together BossBattle

New event: All together boss battle

Event zone

All together Boss Battle Event Zone Map Mu Online

Conditions for entry

  • Characters level 800 or higher who have completed the 4th class change.

Entry items

  • 10 million zen.
  • All together boss battle ticket.

All Together Boss Battle Ticket Mu Online

All together boss battle ticket


You can obtain it with a chance when you kill a monster lv 200 or higher.
(deep dungeon 2nd floor or higher hunting grounds)

Event progress channel and schedule

Event progress channel

Each game channel.
Except for loren market, event maps and siege channel.

Event schedule

Event entry time: 5 minutes before start.
Event start: 10:00, 16:00, 22:00
Event running time: 10 minutes.


How to enter, progress and reward

Icon All Together Boss Battle Mu Online

Event progress

  • At the start of the boss battle, 2 boss monsters appear.
  • Characters participating in the event inflict damage greater than the standard damage to the boss monster.
  • The goal is to kill all boss monsters that appear.
  • If a character dies in the event, it will move to a safe zone within the boss zone.
  • You can continue to participate in the boss battle until the event ends.
  • The character death penalty is excluded from the 'boss battle together' event map.
Posted 01-01-2023