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New Map Ignis Volcano

Introduction of Ignis Volcano

Background story

It is a volcano that exists above the underground vulcanus, and is the source of the burning of vulcanus.

Before the eruption of the volcano in the past, there was a nest of a red dragon called ignis and a temple that enshrines the dragon.

It is a large volcano that can be seen in the continent of mu. before the eruption, the volcano was a red dragon's nest.

There were temples and people worshiping dragons around them.

there was peace between the red dragon and the people, but after the battlefield vulcan entered the underground under the volcano, due to the evil influence of the arena, the people did not serve the red dragon, but oppose it, furthermore, he formed a subjugation squad and came up with a plan to defeat the red dragon.

When the red dragon learned of the people's plans, he fell into great sorrow and anger, got a serious illness, and instead of being subjugated, he killed himself.

At the same time as the red dragon's death, the large volcano that was the red dragon's nest lost its value and exploded and burned everything.

at the time, it was not even accessible due to a severe explosion, but it is now quiet and accessible.

Currently, Ignis volcano is dominated by gladiators and demons covered in magma from the underground vulcanus.


Map information - Ignis volcano

Map Ignis Volcano Mu Online

Ignis volcano

The entry level is 1220, and the hunting penalty level is 1250.
You can move by consuming 50,000 zen through the movement command window.
It can be accessed through the entrance located at vulcanus (33, 15).
Ignis volcano is an elemental hunting ground, where monsters with elements appear.
Monsters have excellent damage probability resistance, critical damage probability resistance, damage absorption, it has a debuff probability resistance value.
There is a safe zone on the map, when entering the hunting ground, dying or reconnecting, you will be moved to a safe zone.

Main drops items
Excellent apocalypse items.

Ignis volcano monsters

Magma Gladiator Mu Online

Magma Gladiator
Level 640
​​​​​​​A magma gladiator monster that attacks at close range.

Magma Hook Mu Online

Magma Hook
Level 640
​​​​​​​A magma hook monster that attacks at close range.

Magma Shaman Mu Online

Magma Shaman
Level 640
A magma shaman monster that attacks in a long range (attacks absorb 200 mana).

Posted 01/01/2023