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Protector of Acheron

Protector of Acheron

Twice a week, in Acheron, a Cursed Obelisk is summoned by Kundun! The Cursed Obelisk empowers nearby elemental monsters with additional elemental strength.
Kundun summons the obelisk consistently, attacking Alkmar, Ubaid, or Debenter, in attempt to kill unprepared travelers for loot.
Help destroy the summoned Cursed Obelisk to help make the area somewhat safer for other travelers! It is also an easy way to earn Errtels and Pentagram Item!

To enter this Event, you must speak with NPC Sir Lesnar, and click Dialogue Option #9.
To participate, you'll just need to move to the area once it starts!
There is no limit to the amount of players which can join in a single instance.

The arena is a copy of Acheron, with only 3 areas:
The Event map is a different map than the actual Acheron map, and therefore are no other monsters in it except the events monsters.

Protector of Acheron start:
The game client will make a System Notice when the event starts.
Example System Notice: "Destroy the Cursed Obelisk with corrupt spirits!"
When started, the Cursed Obelisk will instantly spawn with Boss Monsters summoned around it.
The Cursed Obelisk randomly spawns in one of the following areas - Alkmar, Ubaid, Debenter.
You must search each area in order to find which location the Cursed Obelisk is in.
Each area has a specific co-ordinates in which the Cursed Obelisk will spawn center of the map.


[DROP] Protector of Acheron // Acheron Guardian

Cursed Monsters [x1 drop]
Cursed Hellraiser, Cursed Salamander, Cursed Sylphid, Cursed Normus, Cursed Sellihoden, Cursed Silla, Cursed Ukanva
Random Errtels Level 0~5

Cursed Obelisk [x5 drop]
Errtel of Radiance
Kundun's Seal Scroll
Ancient Icarus Scroll
Empire Guardian's Stronghold
Kundun's Madness Blade
Kundun's Magic Spell Scroll
Antonia's Sword
Arca's Prophecy
Jewel of Luck
Jewel of Excess
Elemental Rune (x30)
Ruud Box (5000)
Blessing of Spirit
Tradeable seal

Posted 16-09-2022