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Rules in game

The rules are followed by all players, regardless of their level, status and number of items on the account. If one of the players does not comply with them, you have the right to report a violation to the admin. Before applying for blocking, you need to observe some points that are described at the very bottom of this page, see the item 2.3 (called the application rules for blocking).

1.1 Cheating
Using any software and scripts that help in PvP, cheat programs, teleporting by coordinates, pumping in a duel, CFG scripts, playing in two (three, etc.) on one keyboard, using multiple keyboards, possible server or website bugs, modify the game files, help other players or coax them into use. Even an unsuccessful attempt is a violation. We advise you first of all to think and not lose your account due to stupidity, the appeal will not be possible.
Punishment: from 7 days to a permanent block. Confiscation of things is possible.

1.2 Insult, obscene language
The use of obscene language in the form of private messages, global chat, etc., except for the guild and alliance chat (but in some cases, for serious insults, we can also block for the guild / alliance chat), is a violation of general social rules, also insult other players, incite hatred based on race, age, gender, place of residence of the players. It is also forbidden to post photos/ videos, caricatures using players' faces on the discord without their desire.
Punishment: from 3 hours to 1 month. A permanent block is also possible.

1.3 Sale, exchange, donation of an account
Selling, exchanging or donating an account to another person is currently prohibited. It should be remembered that by accepting such (sold, exchanged, donated) account, you will still find yourself at a broken trough, in spite of the fact that you will be given even with an e-mail. We explain that the real owner of the mail (e-mail'a) will always be able to access his mailbox, even if you change your password 100 times, change all secret questions and link your mobile phone, this will not save you
Punishment: from 1 month to permanent.

1.4 Selling or buying things for non-game currency
Selling or buying things, items, etc. for real money and virtual currency
Punishment: from a month to permanent.

1.5 Advertising
Advertising of game servers MU Online, as well as various online games.
Punishment: permanent

1.6 Posing as administrator
Create nicknames similar to administrator ones by replacing one or more similar letters. Creation of a guild including the ADMIN prefix. Passing yourself off as an administrator or game master. Information about the nicknames of administrators and other employees of the server is presented here.
Punishment: from 2 days to permanent, with the removal of the character.

1.7 Disrespectful attitude
Insult, obscene language towards the administration, in the game, on the discord, Facebook, Instagram.
Punishment: from 3 days to a permanent block on the forum or in Skype, if necessary, then the block of the game account.

1.8 Incorrect / obscene names
It is forbidden to use obscene / incorrect words in the name of a character, guild. Inappropriate are the names suggesting insulting other participants in the gameplay, or the ambiguity of referring to the nickname.
Punishment: from 1 to 30 days, nickname changes.

1.9 Castle Siege
Characters whose guilds do not participate in the siege cannot be in the throne room. Or stand on the buttons if your guild participated as a dummy when passing the Sign of Lord.
Punishment: from 2 to 14 days.

1.10 CryWolf Event
It is forbidden to kill elves standing on buttons during the CryWolf Event.
Punishment: From 12 hours to 3 days.

1.11 Global chat communication
Long-term communication (more than 3 messages from a participant in the dialogue) in a global chat, in a language other than English. To communicate in any language, use regular messages, private messages, guild chat.
Punishment: blocking chat from 1 to 24 hours.

1.12 Similar nicknames
It is forbidden to use the names of characters similar (one or several letters are replaced or added) to the nicknames of players who had this nickname before.
Punishment: change of nickname or blocking.

1.13 Disruption of gaming comfort
Killing players is allowed on the server, but beware of disturbing the comfort of the game. Killing players multiple times at the same time and disrupting the comfort of the game is prohibited. For example, if you intentionally don't let some players out of the Safe Zone, etc. This rule does not apply to PvP Events or boss hunts
Punishment: from 3 hours to 3 days.

We reserve right to modify rules anytime it is player duty to stay up to date with rules.

Posted 16-09-2022