Socket System in MU Online

Unlike with Excellent and Ancient items, the options on Socket items, you can choose and upgrade yourself. There is a total of 6 kinds of Seed. Below you can see the element of each Seed, its options and also learn what the Seed Master can offer you.

You can create Seed at Seed Master with Exellent and Ancient items, but more easier way is hunt seed on Rooster Seed Invasion.

You can buy Sphere from NPC "Lumen the Barmaid", Sphere Upgrade Rune can drop from Rooster Invasion or Buy from Ruud Shop "James Priest". Socket Upgrade Item for Upgrade level 380 Socket ot level 400 Socket can also buy from Ruud Shop "James Priest".

You can drop Socket items in Raklion map or from Bosses - Selupan and Lord of Silvester. Also you can drop it from Socket Capsule.

Socket system

Water (armor)Wind (armor)Earth (armor)Fire (weapon)Ice (weapon)Lighting (weapon)
Block rating increaseAutomatic Life Recovery IncreaseStrength increaseInc. Attack & Wizardry Dmg for every 20 Lvl.HP After Monster DieExcellent Damage Increase
Increase DefenseMaximum Life IncreaseAgility increaseAttack speed increaseMP After Monster DieExcellent Damage Rate Increase
Shield Protection IncreaseMaximum Mana IncreaseHealth increaseMaximum attack/Wizardry increase"Skill Attack IncreaseCritical Damage Increase
Damage ReductionAutomatic Mana RecoveryEnergy increaseMinimum attack/Wizardry increase"Attack rating increaseCritical Damage Rate Increase
Damage ReflectionMaximum AG Increase---Attack/Wizardry increaseItem durability increase---
---AG Value Increase---AG cost decrease------


Socket level up system
LevelMain material SeedSub material
Level 1SeedEmpty Sphere
Level 2Seed +1Seed +1
Level 3Seed +2Seed +1
Level 4Seed +3Seed +1
Level 5Seed +4Seed +1
Level 6Seed +5Seed +5
Level 7Seed +6Seed +5
Level 8Seed +7Seed +5
Level 9Seed +8Seed +5
Level 10Seed +9Seed +5
Posted 16/09/2022