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Patch Notes - 12/3/2023

πŸ—’οΈ Patch Notes πŸ—’οΈ

Dear players,

We inform you about Patch notes, which you can see bellow.

πŸ“…  Date: 12/3/2023 πŸ“… 

:buff:  Added 3rd Wings for Balgass drop - https://www.erebosmu.com/guides/read/boss-drop/3.
:buff:  Added Condor Feather for Cursed Undite and Pigs drop - https://www.erebosmu.com/guides/read/invasion-drop/4.
:buff:  Little Increase drop rate for Jewel of Soul and Jewel of Bless.
:buff:  Added Garuda Feather for Elite Bosses drop - https://www.erebosmu.com/guides/read/boss-drop/3.
:buff:  Increased Drop Rate for Books in Golden Colossus Invasion.
:buff:  Added 2x Master Box in Events Level 4 (BC/DS/CC...)

:adjust:  Fixed Ferea Orb on PvP-Server.
:adjust:  Mysterious Stone maximum stuck x1
:adjust:  Fixed Dark Lord Bloodangel visual price in Priest James.

:nerf: Removed Pigs Invasion from Non-pvp Server.
:nerf: Removed Cursed Undine Invasion from Non-pvp Server.

ErebosMU team πŸ’™

Posted 27-03-2023